Mental Training Camp 
Four session crash course on how you can perform your very best every single time!
My name is Clay Frost! I have developed a series of camps that are all geared towards high performance. I do this by taking you through a proven process of mental training and conditioning. In the camp, we will learn how the mind works and understanding a few key concepts like motivation, confidence, and mindset. After setting the foundational work, we then cover the Cardinal Skills of Peak Performance, and these are skills that you can develop and have been proven to impact high performance directly. I am confident in my ability to help athletes develop consistent and frequent high-performance results.
Know where you are
You will get your very own mental 
training assessment with a 
customized mental training plan.
How the mind works
We will cover the fundamentals of  
how your mind works and how 
you can master it.
Pick up tools for your toolbox
We will cover the Cardinal Skills of Peak Performance. You will learn how to utilize them in various situations. 
High performance results
You will lean how to develop more convincing, more consistent, and more frequent high performance results.
The Mental Training Camp
We will have two camps: 

A two-week camp = Four, one-hour sessions across two Saturdays, October 13th and 27th @ 11:00am-1:00 pm).

A four-week camp = Four, one-hour sessions across four Saturdays, October 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th @ 9:30-10:30 am). 

You can choose between the two. In addition to the camp sessions, each camper will get the High-Performance Workbook and a free 1-on-1 session. I'm so excited to see you at Sport City for the Camp!
"I’ve definitely had my ups and downs in my career, but Clay’s been with me through them all... I’ve been able to realize my potential through our sessions and his example."
Division 1 Athlete
I'd recommend anyone to Clay who wants to learn how to really give not only their best physical effort, but also their best mental exertion as well. 
Clay will enable any athlete 
to take their natural skill set and through mental training, enhance those talents past what the athlete could do on his/her own. 
Division 1 Athlete
National Champion
"Thanks so much for your help. The time Clay spent with my son really helped him overcome his fears and get out of his head so he could perform well!"

If you have any questions at all, reach out to me at 
801-860-2267 or at

I look forward to seeing you soon!
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